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SVH (by-the-foot)

 LUCKEY SAYS: Hose Techniques® Platinum cured silicone vacuum hose is a much higher quality than the standard Silicone Vacuum hose you may find elsewhere in the market. Hose Techniques® Platinum silicone vacuum hose is manufactured using a Platinum-curing process as opposed to the more common peroxide-curing process. This special Platinum-curing process offers an increase in tensile strength (5%+), elongation (50%+), and tear strength (10%+) over peroxide-cured silicone, making these Platinum-cured silicone vacuum lines perfect for today's high performance engines. Platinum-curing also makes vacuum hose more supple and more resistant to nicks and tearing. Platinum-curing also ensures that each hose has a high gloss finish with high color saturation to match our color range of turbo hoses. 

Note: Manufactured to SAE J20 Standards, not intended for any fuel, oil, or oil by-products.


Hose ID Length Ply & Wall Part # Price Qty.
3.5mm (1/8 in.) by-the-foot (Bulk) 2.54mm (0.100 in.)

20.138-001-Black (3.5mm)


Min:  10
4.0mm (5/36 in.) by-the-foot (Bulk) 1.65mm (0.065 in.)

20.157-001-Black (4.0mm)


Min:  10
6.0mm (1/4 in.) by-the-foot (Bulk) 2.54mm (0.100 in.)

20.235-001-Black (6.0mm)


Min:  5
8.0mm (5/16 in.) by-the-foot (Bulk) 2.80mm (0.110 in.)

20.314-001-Black (8.0MM)



10.0mm (3/8 in.) by-the-foot (Bulk) 3.30mm (0.130 in.)

20.394-001-Black (10.0mm)



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